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  • Camera Ready: The Polaroid 20×24 Project

    Camera Ready; The Polaroid 20x24 Project is a documentary film in progress by Director John Reuter and Director of Photography Nafis Azad. The film chronicles the origins of the Polaroid 20x24 Studio in 1976 and the development of the Artist Support Program in the late 1970s and 80s. Artists such as William Wegman, Elsa Dorfman, and Neal Slavin discuss their involvement and the projects they undertook. Polaroid employees including Sam Yanes, John McCann and JoAnn Verburg detail what it was like inside the company to create and support the project. Writers A.D. Coleman and Marvin Heiferman provide a critical perspective. Scheduled for completion in mid to late 2018 the filmmakers are actively conducting interviews and gathering images and documents. Follow the progress here at the Camera Ready blog.

Legendary artist Joyce Tenneson recounts her look back at the Polaroid 20×24 images she created from the late 80’s through the early 2000’s. Exploring her archive once again has revealed images not chosen at the time of creation but that now have special meaning to her after this passage of time. These images will be collected in a new book and in an exhibit at Dowling Walsh Gallery at 365 Main Street, Rockland, Maine in July of 2016. John Reuter, who worked with Joyce to produce the images on the 20×24 camera interviews her for this intimate look at the “Unseen Polaroids”.

Sam Yanes, long time Vice President of Corporate Communications at Polaroid recalls the early days of the company when research photo assignments soon turned into the beginnings of a collection.  Ansel Adams and Paul Capognigro were early consultants for Polaroid’s professional films and this soon expanded to other photographers.  It soon became apparent that some test images had a purpose beyond pure research and soon a collection was born.

John McCann, Director of Vision Research and close associate of Polaroid founder Edwin Land discusses the approach to producing film for the newly created 20×24 camera.  The camera was to utilize Polacolor film which was produced for pack film and single sheet 4×5 packets.  To produce a clean edge these films utilized a rail and “mask” which kept the reagent under control.  Hear how they attempted to do this for the much larger 20×24 sheets and how Dr. Land made a suggestion………….