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Joyce Tenneson: Unseen Polaroids

Legendary artist Joyce Tenneson recounts her look back at the Polaroid 20×24 images she created from the late 80’s through theView full post »

Sam Yanes on the Origins of the Polaroid Collection

Sam Yanes, long time Vice President of Corporate Communications at Polaroid recalls the early days of the company when research photoView full post »

John McCann on the first versions of 20×24 Film

John McCann, Director of Vision Research and close associate of Polaroid founder Edwin Land discusses the approach to producing film forView full post »

Camera Ready Interview: JoAnn Verburg and Joel Janowitz

December 20, 2014 John Reuter and Nafis Azad travelled east from Western Massachusetts to the studio of Joel Janowitz. ¬†JoAnn Verburg wasView full post »